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Find security errors with manual testing and SolidPoint scanner. In SolidPoint we have automated most labor-intensive tasks with highly sophisticated toolings . Get access to SolidPoint used by pentesters and security professionals around the world.

Attacker Focused

Hunt vulnerabilities from the attackers perspective. Simulating real world penetration scenarios and proving impact for each security issue instead of presenting reports with false positives.

Manual pentest

Reports show that 80% of web applications are, in fact, vulnerable if checked manually.Real penetration tests are mostly done manually by highly skilled IT security experts. A manual pentest provides much more coverage and value

What you can do with SolidPoint

Built by a team of experienced penetration testers, the Pentest as a Service (Paas) model combines data, technology, and talent to resolve security challenges for modern web applications, mobile applications, networks, and APIs. 

Pentest by SolidPoint  speeds-up the common steps performed in almost every assessment: reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, and report writing. Using the 20+ built-in tools + manual pentest by professional pentesters you get quick insights into targets' weaknesses so you know where to dig deeper.

Attack surface

Revealing your application attack surface by determining all server API endpoints across your web assets is a crucial step of any black-box analysis in web and API security
Easily scan API endpoints using OpenAPI/Swagger specifications
Ensure complete visibility of security-critical server and API endpoints - even those that are lost, forgotten, or hidden

Vulnerability assessment

Go beyond OWASP Top 10 by discovering hidden API security vulnerabilities
High reconnaissance. Analyze any type of web application, mobile app backend, and API endpoints — including first and third-party (open source) code — regardless of the technology, framework or language they’re built with
Advanced crawling. Scan the corners of your web assets that other tools miss with advanced crawling and client-side code analysis
Asset management. When you have thousands of web assets or deploy a new version of your app every few days, your organization is bound to lose track of some security-critical endpoints. This leaves them vulnerable to attacks


Advanced XSS detection technology, including DOM XSS, with zero false positives
Find SQL injections, XXE, insecure serialization and other code injection vulnerabilities behind authentication
Improve your API security by scanning API-based business-to-business connectors and microservices quickly and easily

Writing Pentest Reports

Simplify report writing with predefined Word templates and a rich library of common findings (with description, risk, and recommendations)
Create your own custom, reusable findings and report templates

Automate your Security Testing at Scale

Perform recurring scans of your applications and APIs
Easily integrate into your CI/CD pipelines and third-party vulnerability management solutions thanks to automation-ready API and machine-readable finding info
Get expert help for more complex integration cases

Why pentest from SolidPoint

We have over 10 years of manual pentest experience in a highly competitive market. We have automated most labor-intensive tasks with highly sophisticated tools. Now we can offer comprehensive web application penetration testing for an affordable price.

  • Quick problem solving. Reports with zero false positives give team leads and developers all the information they need to quickly manage and fix each issue

  • Comprehensive report. Receive a comprehensive report compiled by our security experts, with zero false positives and an accurate severity rating for each finding

  • Clear steps. Help developers fix issues fast with clear reproduction steps and detailed recommendations based on our years of security experience

  • Saves time with automation. SolidPoint makes it easier to automatically perform common repetitive tasks (e.g. find all web ports and run a web application scan on each one)
    Schedule SolidPoint  to run periodically and automatically send scan results to external systems (Email, Slack, Webhooks, etc.) based on customizable rules

  • Complimentary retest. Get a complimentary retest by our security experts to be 100% sure that the issue is resolved


We have over 10 years of manual pentest experience in a highly competitive market. We offer the first-ever cost-effective web application continuous penetration testing.

Find the problem

Our methods and tooling proved effectiveness on real world applications at bug bounty programs. Where lots of experts missed security issues, our approach revealed ones.

Fast and reliable 

We have a track record of finding 0-day vulnerabilities in common software like WordPress, VMWare, etc.


339 $/m



  • Up to 5 assets

  • Looking for critical issues only

  • False-positive free report

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999 $/m



  • Up to 20 assets

  • Target all types of security issues

  • False-positive free report

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1679 $/m



  • Up to 50 assets

  • Target all types of security issues

  • Manual findings

  • Advanced reporting

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Our company, which provides centralized trading solutions and B2B financial infrastructure, would like to thank SolidPoint for their contribution to the project aimed at security analysis and pentesting of our trading platform. 
The company has successfully completed the following types of work:
- security analysis and pentest of trading API;
- security analysis and pentest of trading platform infrastructure.
We are fully satisfied by SolidPoint’s expertise level in cybersecurity and the quality of penetration testing demonstrated during the project.
Investments, online trading
We as a retail company would like to thank the SolidPoint team for their penetration testing services of utmost quality. We would like to point out that the overall pentesting met all our requirements and expectations. The SolidPoint team showed a high level of expertise and were quick to react to our requests in the course of the pentest.
We sincerely recommend SolidPoint as a highly skilled penetration testing service company.
By Chief Audit Executive
We would like to thank SolidPoint for penetration testing of our external infrastructure.
Everything was done with the outstanding quality and all of the pentest goals were successfully reached within the project timeframe.
We would like to draw special attention to the systematic pentesting approach and an astounding level of expertise and technical inventiveness of SolidPoint's penetration testers as well as the always rapid reaction and flexible communications from its management.
The pentest report has shown a great level of detail with proper elaboration of the relevant mitigation measures.  We are more than pleased with the final results of the pentesting.
By Head of IT Security
Information Technologies
Our bank thanks SolidPoint for the professional pentesting of our online services aligned with the implementation of our unified cybersecurity strategy.
SolidPoint team performed pentesting of the new Internet banking service. As a result a detailed pentest report was provided, which allowed us to further increase both the protection level of our clients and the security against cyber-attacks.
Banking / Finance
Our bank thanks the SolidPoint company for long-term and productive cooperation in cybersecurity.  For several years, SolidPoint team has carried out comprehensive pentesting of the Bank's critical services, probing the resistance of applications and infrastructure to cyber-attacks.
SolidPoint team has proved high competency in practical cybersecurity and pentesting. They did a deep dive into modeling of different attack scenarios that cybercriminals might use and giving the Bank lots of keen recommendations for protection.
The recommendations received have helped us enhance the security of our online services, thereby contributing for protecting our clients and partners.
By Chairman of the Board
Banking / Finance

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